Customer Service

With rising customer expectations and outside competitive pressures, customer satisfaction is critical to the success of all organizations. Research shows that satisfied customers remain customers longer and typically become more profitable customers. The ability to provide timely and accurate responses to customer inquiries is paramount to this process.

Customers expect timely and accurate service. Instant access and automatic processing of customer-centric documents such as monthly invoices, billing statements and inbound mail, faxes and email requesting service changes, name and address changes, technical support issues, account investigations and other types of written inquiries, enables organizations to quickly respond to customer issues.

Naviant's OnBase solution enables quicker and more accurate responses to inbound customer service inquiries through the automated distribution of inbound correspondence to an organization's customer service department. Customer-related documents, whether billing issues, service changes, and name or address changes that are imaged and routed to agents on the basis of appropriate prioritization codes, can be processed in a timely manner taking advantage of automated workflow functionality to validate information and route documents to another agent.

Key Customer Service Benefits

Customer Service Solutions